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Our Story

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Design and Build Marvelous Spaces That People Love To Live

Do you want to make the right choice of homebuilder with established criteria in complete peace of mind? Everlast Home Builders gives you the solutions. We offer complete premium remodelling, garage conversions, and exterior and interior remodelling solutions. We turn unique ideas into remarkable spaces, no matter the size and budget of the project. We openly embrace challenges and variety. 

We have the expertise to take charge of the steps necessary for the execution of your real estate project while ensuring that the steps taken are carried out smoothly. To get the perfect home, you need to hire the right experts. Everlast Homebuilders has what it takes to turn your dream projects into a reality.

Since 2002, we have been building houses with a single objective: to design living spaces that look like you with the greatest respect for the rules of art and the environment. For this, we offer you a single point of contact responsible for monitoring construction operations and a personalised service to help you make the right choices for the layout and design of your house.

Discover our achievements and references, and let’s build together the house that suits you while respecting your budget.

Your Building Experts

In over 20 years of activity, we have allowed many people’s projects to come to life, and we have done all this thanks to our experience.

But what does it mean for us to be experienced in the construction sector?

  • Express the ability to construct or renovate a building as a made-to-measure suit
  • Identify the needs and dreams of customers
  • Sharing every technical and constructive choice to involve the customer
  • Provide support even at the end of the work

We are a passionate team of experts, driven by a constant commitment to excel in whatever we do and deliver the much-desired results at the best rates. We have garnered considerable experience implementing building strategies and delivering completed projects to our valued customers

Service that Meets your Expectations

Whether it’s your first acquisition, a second home, or a cosy retirement home, we want to allow as many people as possible to realise the dream of having their house built. Quality materials, efficient insulation, neat design, recent techniques, renewable energies, an implementation by qualified and involved teams, and motivated partners are all elements that we bring together to offer you a construction that meets your expectations within the framework of life you have chosen.

Our know-how, experience (over 20 years of building houses!), attentiveness, and the availability of our teams will seduce you. We will be able to guide you throughout your project while remaining attentive to your requests, your sensitivity, and respecting your budget. 

A house for the future! By integrating innovative technical solutions, we will be able to build you a modern and comfortable house that will remain so for a long time.

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Meet Us

Everlast Home Builders offers you a competent and multidisciplinary team for your house construction project.

Ari Malka, Owner and RMO

Before acquiring a real estate licence and property management company, Ariel started as a contractor. He founded Everlast Home Builders  in 2002 after switching careers from HVAC to Home Repair and Remodelling. 

Ariel has succeeded as a top-rated remodeler who is an expert and proud of himself for being the most experienced agent who can effortlessly navigate through all remodelling needs. From market experience to knowing builders to product quality and warranties, he knows his job really well. All his honesty, integrity, and professionalism have won him this level. 

The company has since grown tremendously and opened another branch in Ventura County. Clients rely on his expertise for the best service in each project. Ariel is a Certified Remodeler who has served as both president and chairman of NARI Madison and its board. 

Johnny , Project Manager and Estimator

Johnny works collaboratively with our clients to establish the key objectives for a project – programmatic goals & requirements, budget, and schedule – and build it in the most expeditious manner integrating sustainable practices in construction.  His process ensures that our clients are active participants in this process and are able to make informed decisions about their project.

Eva Ishutina, Office Manager


Eva Ishutina joined Everlast Homebuilders in 2017. She has 6 years plus experience in the residential remodeling sector, 5 years experience in accounting, marketing, and human resources. Eva’s main goal is to offer the best customer service by listening to and determining the needs of different clients to give them scope and quotes for their projects. 

Our office manager brings extensive experience to the company. She started working in the home improvement sector four years before joining Everlast Home Builders. She manages clients’ finances, payroll, accounting, managing employees in the office and on the files, quality assurance, and marketing.