ADU, Garage Conversions and Room Additions

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Beginner’s Short Guide To ADU Garage Conversion

Expansion projects always take a lot of effort and money. And this is because it isn’t exactly easy to add additional space. However, ADU garage conversion has made it easier on that front. It is the best way to handle the empty space that you don’t need to store your vehicles anymore.

What is ADU ?

ADU or Accessory Dwelling Unit is a space that is converted into additional dwelling space on a residential property from a garage. Such structures are remodeled from existing infrastructure and can be easily attached or detached. Consequently, there are two types of such structures, one attached to the existing property and the other one standing separately at some distance in either backyard or side.

Can I build an accessory dwelling unit on top of my garage? 

According to local legislation, a conversion ADU can be erected from any legal structure (i.e., garage, auxiliary structure, storage room) with appropriate fire safety setbacks

What is  Garage Conversion?

The garage needs to comply with the Building Code and Fire Code, including:

• Walls and foundation with structural integrity 
• Utilities (electricity, water, sewage) 
• HVAC – A common solution is to use a ductless heat pump (mini-split system) that is separate from the existing HVAC system of the main residence. 
• Insulation
 An individual project’s compliance with the local energy and building code will determine whether the garage door must be replaced

Can I Convert a detached garage into a home?

Of course, you can convert a detached garage into a full living space. You can make it a guest quarter or accessory living room with a toilet but no kitchen. You just have to include windows, change doors, and add custom features to create a more functional living space rather than a spacious garage

Room Additions and SB 9:

This new law now allows for two dwellings to be built on a single-family lot, and single-family lots can be split in two to allow a two-family dwelling on each of the new lots. One of the reasons this is so beneficial in fighting the affordable housing crisis is that now, there can be up to four dwellings on a lot that used to allow only one dwelling. 

What can you build?

You’re now entitled to build a second unit on your existing lot if you own a single-family property. You can also split your property, but you need to commit to maintaining one as a primary residence for at least three years.Splitting your lot gives you a variety of construction options, from single-family dwellings to duplexes.